By the 10th age, the whole world has been messed up. But oh well.


  • 1 - E.p: Re-Civilize The Circle try to recover from the Dauðadagr War

  • 73 - E.p: Survival Its a harsh new world out here

  • 147 - E.p: Bandits Return The age of bandits is back, and they have the Necromancer's Circle in their sights

  • 204 - E.p: Social Issues Once again, the group is beginning to fall apart

  • 254 - E.p: Death of a Traitor Jon kills Tamurel after she breaks the S.C.D

  • 295 - E.p: The Null We see the Null again, as a portal opens up

  • 303 - E.p: Jhenuier's Return Miguel Jhenuier returns to Arvine, resulting in the death of Lor Metal-Bones

  • 363 - E.p: Old Lang Syne Its been a long life for everyone

  • 437 - E.p Roll Call The Council summon the Necromancer's Circle to get everyone back together

  • 476 - E.p: Elderfall The Elderfall: The destruction of Arvine as it is sent back in time