The 7th age is probably the most developed of all the ages. It's fun, and we actually have characters and a plot line and relations and things. This age might actually produce decent stories.


  • 1 - Ep: Their Own Paths The Necromancer's Circle leave each others company, and go their separate ways

  • 22 - Ep: Contacting Hell Mark Madreio contacts hell to fix the problems occurring with his departure, with the help of David Madreio Richardson.

  • 58 - Ep: JJ&J Productions Jonandorf changes his name to Jon Andorf, gets involved in some gang rivalries, and founds JJ&J while he is at it

  • 99 - Ep: M-Corp Mark founds M-Corp

  • 150 - Ep: Genealogy RedBlock kidnap Kaelyn Shardfast, and she is let out within a few days

  • 152 - RedBlock invents Portable Arcana Tokens

  • 155 - Ep: AWOL Kaelyn Shardfast is arrested by ADA, where Dave frees her but is forced to go AWOL as a plot for his assassination led by William Wren is unveiled.

  • 335 - The Magic Cases: The Facade Industrial Development corporation is taken down by the Don-Kan legal system for using charms in their production. The owners protest and take the actual state of Don-Kan to court, saying the law is outdated. While they fail at getting the law revoked, the whole state actually gives in and recognizes its pretty stupid even if the lawmakers won't, so they basically stop enforcing it.

  • 458 - Ep: Old Rivalries RedBlock and M-Corp come to a head as the two leaders become increasingly unhappy with each other's policies. Meanwhile, JJ&J just sits there being antagonizing.

  • 742 - Ep: Body Swap Dave visits M-Corp to try and solve issues. However, when he gets there, Wuthunol suffers a heart attack (Probably planned by Mark) and so Mark kills Dave with a well placed charm, and puts Wuthunol's soul into his body to keep her alive. Dave manages to get his soul back, and eventually his body. The only time Dave actually dies.

    Ep: Dead Investigator The person he borrowed the body off will only let him keep it if he solves her murder.

  • 1014 - Ep: Vasco Cocoa James Vasco founds Vasco Cocoa, and Mark,.Jon and Dave start to tend towards working together to combat it

  • 1073 - Ep: Unity In their hunt for the Council, Mark, Dave and Jon end up teaming up after killing Elmo Windward

  • 1375 - Serana DeLasse is born

  • 1383 - Sebatian D'Arque is born.

  • 1421 - Ep: Conspiracies James Vasco is assassinated by Laure Morwen

  •  1475 - Ep: Involuntary Usurpers Jonandorf, Mark Madreio and David Richardson become the Council of Erebus, as Graves, Twisty, and Okeanos respectively