'The Necromancer's Circle' is name given by the public to the group of people resurrected by the Council of Erebus at the end of the 6th Age. You most likely know them by the name 'the Resurrectees'. They quickly become somewhat infamous in Arvine in the 7th Age, and are treated with caution and general concern despite many of them holding positions of power. These suspicions carry on until well into the 9th Age, due to general tales being passed down of their exploits. In context to the story, all the main characters are basically on this page.

Members Edit

Official Members Edit

nThese are the people most people in Arvine would relate with being in the Necromancer's Circle

Non-Public Members Edit

These people technically were in the circle, as they were also subjects of the resurrection, but for some reason didn't ever become known to the public, such as dying before the name was coined.

  • Ian Isia

Associates Edit

These are people that are known for being affiliated with the Circle, and are generally seen as being in it. However, they were not resurrected by the Council, and are not official members.