The age. Its the fifth. I'm really tired of writing these now, can you tell?


  • 1 - Tamurel Skavo, as the closest legal relative of James Vasco despite having no blood relation and being a different race, becomes queen of Don-Kan, thus high queen of Arvine

  • 32 - Larure Morwen assassinates Tamurel Skavo, before being killed by Twisty

  • 75 - Nilfson Stormcaller is born

  • 121 - Elrohir is framed for the murder of Areane Cumero, and is sentenced to execution. However, he manages to escape, and so is basically banished from the country.

  • 163 - Sylvia Estrada betrays the Council, ending up in the part of her soul that Graves resides in being ripped from her. She only survives by Tar-Culu-Heru taking pity upon her, and sharing some of his soul to keep her alive.

  • 168 - Inspired by the work of Nilfson Stormcaller, Elrohir founds RedBlock

  • 170 - The Artaurë Varilë Heren and BlackSect are merged by Queen Jonala Skavo to form ADA

  • 684 - The Ilúvë Ingolë Otornassë is devolved into Chromist, and becomes the International Research Foundation

  • 1262 - Oillet is born.

  • 1475 - The Alterial plane of Môlvôr is discovered, the first discovery of a new plane not inhabited by one of the creator beings in Arvine's history