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The Elderfall is the main event of the last 'episode' set on Arvine, called, imaginatively, 'Arvine'. It starts in 10e 475, and ends in 10e 476. It is the 10th 'episode' of the 10th age This is one of the many episodes that has been completely written in the brain, and has no written down plot anywhere. APART FROM HERE, AS OF NOW.

Plot Summary Edit

It starts during an attack on the resurrection's camp by bandits. The homestead is on fire, the supplies are everywhere. Mark and Jonandorf stand back to back, fighting against several of the aggressors. Revan, Laure and the Oracle are outside the camp, shooting them left right and center. After a few minutes the assault is over. However, once they regain their footing, they notice that Dave is no-where to be seen. Upon closer inspection, they notice a marking on the bandit's clothes. This marking is from a nearby clan based in Holda'ir. However, they agree that given the bandits had cars and they accidentally broke theirs last 'episode', they probably can't get their in time to help Dave.

This is where Avos comes in. Luckily he happened to have been around the Holda'ir area. While he probably wont get there before the bandits, he will most certainly get there before the others. Using one of the last Centa ósanwë PATs that Dave made, they managed to make contact with Avos, and asked him to go and help Dave. He agrees. Two days pass. Avos arrives at the bandit's HQ, the old Madreio temple, and proceeds to discover a large organisation running there, with Dave captive at the top. Avos manages to sneak through. At Dave's holding cell, he breaks the lock and helps Dave get out. However, just as they are leaving, the bandits spot them. There are too many to fight. Due to Avos' immortality, he sends Dave away in the worn-out car he came here in, and blows himself up using some High-Density explosive. However, there is a problem. The Madreio temple has something underneath it. Due to the amount of black magic being performed there over the ages, a rift straight into the Alteria had formed. Avos gets sucked in as he blows up the bandits. Dave notices this rift, and guesses what has happened to Avos and so goes to return to the others. 2 days pass. He breaks the news to them, and they agree to not go near the portal due to it's danger.