The Dauðadagr War is the war at the end of the 9th age, an all against all battle between every country in Arvine. It was started officially when Tamurel was kicked out of Don-Kan, but it was arranged behind the scenes by Scarlet Elemnin.

Beginnings Edit

Since I'm lazy, I will present it to you in list form:

  1. Scarlet Elemnin kidnaps Dave
  2. Scarlet spreads rumors in the Don-Kan military that Tamurel is planning to scrap them, and replace the entire army with an anti-terror unit.
  3. The army revolt, throwing Tamurel out, who retreats to Frondinwhaith.
  4. When Tamurel, Revan, Mark, Azarea and The Oracle about to march in, Mark points out that they shouldn't start a war while Dave is missing. Tamurel takes this as Mark trying to take over himself, and marches in.
  5. The Oracle and Azarea march in also to try and stop the Frodinwhaith army getting out of hand. However, they don't tell each other, and inadvertently come to blows.
  6. Without Dave, Lifin attacks Mör, under false accusations that they were involved in Dave's disappearance.
  7. Vlin in Kal-Mutash rushes to Mör's aid, but his military refuse to follow him, saying its folly. Vlin leaves the country.
  8. In the confusion, Eindothlond launch coordinated attacks on Durbar, Altimniosh and Kal-Mutash in an attempt to take down the Shardfast Collective.
  9. Jon sleeps with Valisilwen, and then after realizing what he's done, flees to the mainland. Valisilwen sends her people after him, but Eindothlond's borders are closed. Thadkia declare war on Eindothlond and enter anyway.
  10. Hradubny, rather annoyed that Thadkia are trying to kill their leader, attack Thadkia.
  11. Mark works out that Scarlet has been playing everything, finds out where she's got Dave, and kills her. Rescues Dave, but every country is already at war with one another and the collective has fallen apart. The Dauðadagr War has begun.

Battles Edit

Here are some notable battles in the Dauðadagr War.

  • Ramar Vs. Dave, RedBlock HQ
  • The Oracle + Vlin + Mahtapoldorë Vs. Elmir + Nárëcálë + Lúamillë, Asar
  • Dave Vs. Valisilwen, Thadkia
  • Every circle member + every god Vs. Tar-Culu-Heru, Albion
  • Everyone Vs. Lady G, Albion
  • Mark + Avos Vs. Eindothlond Military, Meerlin
  • Vician Vs. Lúamillë, Woodwardinburg
  • Tamurel + Revan Vs. Don-Kan Military, Albion