The Country Act of 1e 771 establishes the boundaries of the 12 soveriegn states of Arvine.

The Act Edit

Arvine is hereby set into 12 countries, as follows:

  • Altimniosh
  • Don-Kan
  • Durbar
  • Eindothlond
  • Frodinwhaith
  • Hradubny
  • Kal-Mutash
  • Lifin
  • Menevress
  • Negrastir
  • Thadkia

Not all of these countries yet have cities established within them, it is the decision of this body to assume this shall change in the foreseeable future; those with cities within them have capitals as follows:

  • Altimniosh: Barbilunor
  • Don-Kan: Albion
  • Durbar: Holda'ir
  • Hradubny: Horeskali
  • Kal-Mutash: Bundifell
  • Lifin: Tawood

The Don-Kan monarch shall hereby sit the monarch of Arvine, and Don-Kan's laws may be enacted for every one of these countries.