Summary Edit

The Alteria is the Arvonian name for the place that holds all the different planes. Every different plane has their own notation, using the greek alphabet. These were named by the Valenmar. They are all also assigned a member of the Valenmar.

Notation Edit

  • Earth (Dave Legends) : δη [Malinta]
  • Earth (Mark Legends) : δμ [Malinta]
  • Earth (Ian Legends) : δρ [Malinta]
  • Arvine/Xynrear (Lore) : ααβτ [Desdemona]
  • Arvine (D&D Main) : ααβδ [Desdemona]
  • Arvine (D&D Alteria) : ααβθ [Desdemona]
  • Arvine (D&D Misc) : ααβλ [Desdemona]
  • Arvine (Ramar) : ααγς [Desdemona]
  • Earth (Reality) : α
  • Earth (Memoirs) : χυε [Fuscia]

The rest of the Milas Cluster are notated according to the main plane that it's based around. The Milas Cluster is the primary cluster of realms within those planes, as such, the notation is simple. Within these notations, X represents the notation of the primary plane.

  • Hell : X - α - α
  • The Faerland : X - α - β
  • The Void : X - α - γ
  • Halivarnis : X - α - δ
  • Mount Dusklight : X - α - ε
  • Fort Cilamun : X - α - ζ
  • Birchleaf Island : X - α - η
  • The Underloaf : X - α - θ
  • Earthsky : X - α - ι
  • Wolfblood Forest : X - α - κ
  • The Eyre : X - α - λ

There are also realms that exist outside of the Milas Cluster, but are also not alternate versions of one another.

  • Môlvôr - θδυ
  • The Null - ζκξ

Alternate Canon Theory Edit

First told by Erebus at the end of the 10th Age, this theory states that every single thing exists somewhere in the Alteria. This means that every single story ever written, every single dream, does exist. This could lend its hand to the general concept in several different stories. For example, here on earth, they are known as 'Parallel Universes'. In D&D, it is known as the 'multiverse'. And there are countless other examples around. For a full list of the different known canons, check the Alternate Canons page.