Tamurel Skavo is bae. a supporting protagonist, first seen in the episode 'Origins of the Skavo' in the 4th age. She is one of The Necromancer's Circle, the Shardfast Collective, and a member of RedBlock.

Attributes Edit

Probably Tamurel's most notable attribute is that she is a Dragon Lord, and a very powerful one at that. Given to her by the dragons in the 4th age, it was not revoked by the time of her death, leading her to keep it after the ressurection. These powers developed, leading her to become a member of E.E.R.L.A. In the 8th age the dragons features, i.e wings and scales, become permananent, due to the fact she was in the S.P.D when the RedShark virus hit. Physically, she is a birch-haired, above-average height, wood elven woman, with fair skin and is generally pretty good looking.

History Edit

The Fourth Age Edit

Tamurel is introduced to us a baby. Born in Tawood, Lifin, to the parents Valandil and Eruwaedheil Cumero. She was at this point in her life the young princess of Lifin.