The Shardfast Collective is a combination of the 3 largest companies in Arvine, RedBlock, M-Corp and JJ&J Productions.

Origins Edit

The Shardfast Collective was founded at the start of the 9th age after the RedShark incident. The 'big three' didn't have time to set up 3 individual databases, so they combined all digital information and wealth into one large database shared by all 3 companies. They named it 'Shardfast', in memorial of Kaelyn Shardfast, who had been murdered by Avos shortly before it was founded. The collective was announced publicly the same time the 3 addressed publicly their membership of the Council of Erebus. It was with the Shardfast Collective that they took over Arvine shortly afterwards.

Companies Edit

RedBlock Edit

RedBlock is by far the oldest of the three companies. It is the technological powerhouse of the group, and provides most of the devices used.

JJ&J Productions Edit

JJ&J is the groups underworld enforcer. They keep most criminals under control, and help to stop revolutions starting.

M-Corp Edit

M-Corp is the richest one. They fund the lot. They also act as civilian suppressors.

Administration Edit

Associates Edit

Enemies Edit

  • Ramar
  • Laure
  • Avos
  • Scarlet

Allies Edit

  • Vlin Hellstrand - Kal-Mutash
  • The Oracle - Mör
  • Veryangóle Vehiron - Thadkia
  • Azarea - Altimniosh
  • Sanya Falathiel - Menevress