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RedBlock Logo

RedBlock (Full name the RedBlock Corporation) is probably the most important organisation in the entire plot. While it is founded relatively late on, just before the half way point so to say, it features in, as far as I can tell, virtually every episode from then on. Without it, Dave wouldn't be in the position he is in the seventh age. In fact, without RedBlock, the Resurrection may well not have taken place at the end of the sixth age because RedBlock's advances pushed all of Arvine's technology forward allowing for such a feat to take place. So yea. Pretty major. But enough of me bigging it up, let's actually get some details down.

Formation and Development Edit

RedBlock Limited Logo

RedBlock Limited's Logo

Redblock Limited Edit

In 5e 121, Elrohir loses his job. Soon after, he is kicked out of Lifin for generally being a nuisance. He is still banned from Don-Kan because he was never officially pardoned for the whole incident with the Magician's Guild. (Damn stressy dragon ladies.) So, after being a tad homeless for a few annos, and visiting a few of Nilfson Stormcaller's demonstrations, he founds Redblock Limited in 5e 168. This new company was originally just the department which became known as RedBlock Industries. They made various electronic devices, bearing in mind this was very primitive, barely managing to form what would then count as magic tricks.

RedBlock Inc. Edit

As developments in electronics grew and grew, so did Redblock. Here, RedBlock expanded from just being a small-time electronics manufacturer. The industries split up into several different departments, making all sorts of equipment used around the globe. This resulted in RedBlock Incorporated being made in 6e 284. This was by far the richest Elrohir had ever been. Which isn't surprising really, given he hadn't actually earned money in his previous career.

RedBlock Edit


RedBlock's Condensed Logo

By 6e 801 RedBlock was the largest corporation on earth. It had more international power than several official governments. It definitely had more than the state of Lifin, where it all started. At this point RedBlock had been split into several different departments: RedBlock Industries (See, told you it would come up), RedBlock Charities, RedBlock Media, RedBlock Network and the slightly dodgy External Funding department. You see, by this point RedBlock had a very strong arcane black market going on. Basically, Elrohir was a superpower in himself.

Deparments - 7e + Edit

RedBlock Industries Edit

RedBlock Industries is the main department of RedBlock. It handles any actual product creation and any factories. Their main industry is actually setting up electronics for other people. Basically large-scale electricians. While it has had several head managers, the only notable one is Tamurel Skavo, who took the position in the 7th age. She is the one that led RedBlock Industries for several ages, until the Dauðadagr war.

RedBlock Charities Edit

This department is less commercially centered than the other departments. This basically exists to make the world think RedBlock are nicer than they actually are. They raise million for various charities every year, make several different campaigns, all while subtly manipulating people to use RedBlock's services. Basically like real life. The only notable Chief Executive is Jenna Loinus, from pre 7e 150 to 7e 155, as she was involved in the plot to assassinate Dave.

RedBlock Media Edit

RedBlock Media is basically a massive propaganda machine. It doesn't actually produce much income for the company. It runs it's own TV channel, along with several other films, songs, etc. All the while subtly manipulating everyone. This department's notable Head Manager is Revan Skavo, who holds his place for the same length as his daughter, Tamurel.

RedBlock Network Edit

RedBlock Network is probably the most useless department. It basically runs a phone and internet network across the planet. This is used to listen into phone calls, spy on people with satellites, read their internet histories, etc. Again, there is only one notable boss written, who is William Wren. Wren acted as the Senior Coordinator from pre 7e 150 up to his death in 7e 155. He was the ring leader of the plot to kill Dave.

External Funding Edit

While this is not technically an official department, External Funding manages every illegal aspect of RedBlock's business. Hence it does not have an official manager. It is this department that handles all the black market trades, RedBlock's extensive arcane research (Including P.A.Ts) and any hits, threats etc. that the company need taking place.