New Eden is a phrase reoccurring throughout Arvine, once in each age (But only once in the combined Galactic Ages). It is most notable as an eco-terrorist anarchy group in the 7th to 9th ages. It reaches a conclusion in Galactic Age Sigma.

Occurrences Edit

  • 1e: Mark promises a 'New-Eden' in one of his campaign speeches
  • 2e: Upon the foundation of Halivarnis, one of the speeches of the founding tribes talks of an upcoming 'New Eden'
  • 3e: Vivian Vasco talks of a 'New Eden' under her rule
  • 4e: When the Jhenuier family first take over the wizard guild, their quip upon the removal of Marlinse family involved turning the Wizard's Guild into a 'New Eden'
  • 5e: RedBlock's advertising campaign involved the slogan 'A New Eden'
  • 6e: When The Necromancer's Circle are resurrected, Twisty instructs them to 'Bring Forth a New Eden'
  • 7e: During 'Body Swap', a news report can be seen reporting the activities of a 'New Eden Foundation' eco-terrorist group, bombing and sabotaging various civil assets. Also, the New Eden artifact is part of the RedShark project in AvoTech, and is stolen in the episode 'Dead Investigator'.
  • 8e: E.E.R.L.A members are introduced fighting a copy-cat group of the 'New Eden Foundation'
  • 9e: When RedBlock, M-Corp and JJ&J unite into one unit, 'The New Eden Rebirth Movement' try to murder high-up officials in the companies when they hold a meeting to discuss the future
  • 10e: The New Eden artifact is used to combat Erebus
  • Ρ Eg: Although not revealed at the time, when searching for a planet similar to Arvine, the character come into contact with the 'New Eden Consciousness', who is trapped within a false planet, as it was before Arvine's creation by Desdemona and her people
  • Σ Eg: During 'New Eden' Dave helps to end the 'New Eden Wars', when the planet of Llascahm declares war on the planet of Juliem for their research using the 'New Eden Consciousness', and it is this research which results in New Eden being spread around the time stream, and also Dave's exposure to New Eden is what drives him to his in-voluntary suicide

Artifact Edit

Throughout Arvine's history, there has been a recurring object: a small jade tablet, with a star map emblazoned upon it, which may be used by the skilled eye to tell the time of year. It is in fact an artifact created by the New Eden Consciousness, which contains his essence like a vessel throughout history. It is seen in several plotlines, such as the Assassin's Guild and AvoTech.