Môlvôr is an Alterial plane part, separate from the Milas Cluster.

Creation Edit

How the plane was created is unknown. However, it is recorded how it was discovered by the gods. In The Third Age the End University decided to try and create a new race. This race was dangerous, powerful, and unpredictable. They were created with pure void magic. Due to their enhanced minds than most of the university's creations, they were deemed too powerful to be dismissed into the void, in the fear that they would disrupt the plane. It was also decided they could not be placed in Arvine, as it would upset the balance that existed there. And so, Elmir employed the help of the other gods to give this new race a secure home, a plane locked away from the others. All the gods, headed by Elmir, exerted all their power into locating an isolated, uninhabited plane, just about accesable but secluded enough from Arvine. Eventually they found one This plane was called Môlvôr. However, this large act actually tore some of Elmir's soul off. This led on to the creation of Vlin Hellstrand, to store the power safely.

Inhabitants Edit

Orna Edit

Before Elmir discovered this realm, it was inhabited by a being known only as Orna. Orna is a high-level shape-shifting deity. She prides herself on being a trickster, manipulating those around her for her own entertainment. When Elmir and the to-be Môlvôrians first entered the plane, Orna initially did not let herself be known. Instead, she began to manipulate their surrounding and the land itself, trying to mess with their minds. She initially blocked off their path back, before sending shards of rock flying up around them. This trickery continued until she trapped them all in a sort of arena. Orna summoned leagues of apparitions which the crowd from The Void managed to fight off. This was when she revealed herself and had a fight with Elmir, which she won. Eventually, Orna was satisfied and allowed these creatures into her realm. She embraced them and took them in as her subjects.

Môlvôrians Edit

Môlvôr is inhabited by a race of people known in Arvine simply as Môlvôrians. They are a species created by the god Elmir, then exiled to Môlvôr as they were deemed too powerful to stay elsewhere. All Môlvôrians are incredibly adept at void magic, as they are in essence comprised of a physical incarnation of it. Notable Môlvôrians include Îa, who was vital in thwarting the Môlvôrian invasion of Arvine and later becomes Blackheart in E.E.R.L.A.

Physiology Edit

Visually, Môlvôrians are largely humanoid. However, they have purple skin, with silver markings like veins all over their skin. The patterns of these marking are unique to each individual, and are used to differentiate between them, as there are very few other differences. Their souls are very much similar to that of a human or any other being or Arvine, however they tend to be larger and more complex, due to the matter of their body. Their souls continually produce AI Waves, to a far greater degree than other beings, which projects their physical form out of magic. Because of this, it is very easy for Môlvôrians to recover from injury and it is impossible for them to get ill. This allows them to get by without really eating or sleeping, however, they do need to recover every few days by entering a sort of coma-inducing absorption phase, which can last from 2 hours up to about 2 days depending on where they do it, wherein they take in arcane energy from the surrounding atmosphere.

Society Edit

Môlvôrians have no reproductive organs, being androgynous beings with no need for evolution, as such they tend not to wear any clothing. There are exceptions, such as Îa. They do not form a traditional romantic relationships, but can form soul bonds, which do not hold any legal power (Due to the lack of a distinct legal system), but do not generally break. Virtually all Môlvôrians have their own houses, but they do not enter the absorption phase there, rather there are communal rest houses which are situated in areas with strong arcane energies to minimize dormant time. As mentioned, there is no legal system, as violence, theft and any quarrels are extremely few and far between. They are usually sorted privately between friends, unless they get to a very large scale, in which case Orna is very rarely forced to intervene.