Lorina is one of those characters whom no-one is quite sure who they are, least of all me. She appears across several different canons, sometimes several times within the same one, in many different iterations.

Lore Canon Edit

Lorina was a bandit in the 3rd age, before quitting her group and moving to Shizdabiz. She was then caught up as one of the adventurers involved in the Shizdabiz disaster, being one of those who didn't escape the city. She is the ancestor of Halmill, Revan's manservant, in the 4th age. Lorina probably appears several other times in lore, but these are as of yet unrecorded.

Alternate Canons Edit

  • Alteria D&D: very similar to Lore, a bandit who became involved in the Shizdabiz disaster, however in this canon she did escape the city
  • Main Game D&D: again, very similar, however she ended up time travelling to the future and became involved in Madreio taking over the world
  • Video Games: She is also involved in Skyrim (View screenshot) and GTA.

Personality Edit

This changes with canon. In lore and D&D, she is a very self-centered person who does what she can to help herself. In GTA, she is a ruthless sociopath (but classy) who murders anyone she needs to to get her own way. Currently in Skyrim she is a very honor-bound character who works for the greater good with her band of followers.

Appearance Edit

Her appearance changes drastically. In Arvine, she is a youngish, blonde woman who is quite petite. In GTA, she is a rough-looking woman with dark red hair. And in Skyrim, she is a black-haired, tall, Redguard. In all canons she is really quite stuck up and frigid.

Emile Edit

Emile is a character who is, in every canon, an ally of Lorina. She is the opposite in personality, quite chirpy, very 'open', and often younger. In some canons they are close friends, in some they are in a relationship.