Lance Peters was a white, human male born in 6e 742. He is the primary antagonist of the episode 'Pike and Shield', the 8th 6th age episode.


Childhood Edit

Lance was born to Phillipa and Davyd Peters, in Albion. His mother was abusive, and his father was out so much he never realized. Lance frequently slept in the basement, or was forced to stay in doors for weeks on end. This left him rather scarred, and it only ended when he was 15 and his mother died of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. His father discovered everything he had been through, and took it upon himself to try and mend all of the mistakes his partner had made. However, he didn't have long to do it, as he died of a similar condition just 6 annos later. During his later school life, Lance was heavily involved in drug trading and got a fair sum of money from doing it. He never actually took any drugs, just distributed. He made the mistake of letting himself be pictured doing it, which I'm sure won't come back to haunt him later in life at all.

Early Life Edit

Lance attended university in Albion. Not an overly prestigious university, think sort of Cardiff Met equivalent. So good, but not exactly famous. During these annos, he got a local job in a government call center, answering questions about pensions. After his father's death in 6e 763, he continued with his job for an anno. At this time, RedBlock Charities started a new 'Start Up' campaign, providing monetary aid to new companies in response for 25% shares. Lance embraced the opportunity. He went to RedBlock with the idea of a company that provided international government logistics. It worked, and Lance was given 50,000G to help. With this, he established Pike and Shield.

Pike and Shield Co. Edit

Pike and Shield Co. quickly grew. Before long, the Don-Kan, Durbar and Altimniosh governments were using them for any issues of inter-communications. They even ended up being used by ADA, although Lance didn't actually know. But it wasn't growing fast enough for him. He looked for faster ways of making money. Now, Lance isn't exactly morally sound. So he saw the hundreds of people out on the streets, in dead end jobs, barely earning a living and thought: You know what. Let's just remove them from the current lives, and give them new ones! Without consent. This is slavery. So Pike and Shield began an underground human trafficking ring. It grew. Quickly. Then he met James Phillips, medical doctor and criminal psychiatrist. He helped Lance keep the ring undetected by the authorities. At this point, the anno was 6e 769. Lance actually met up with Dave, who hailed Pike and Shield as 'one of RedBlock Charities' resounding successes'. They formed trade agreements, and Pike and Shield started doing some of RedBlock's logistics. He got married to a woman called Janine Francelle. It was a pretty dodgy marriage. The trafficking ring was raking in hundreds of thousands in profits, and transporting hundreds of people annually. Unfortunately this was getting some unwanted attention.

The Episode Edit

The amount of people he was kidnapping was really getting the attention of the police. He got a bit too cocky in 6e 773. He kidnapped three individuals, two women and man all in their early twenties, just outside of Albion. The disappearances had been being tracked by the detective Amy Townley and her sidekick Jap Crusoe. Lance also made the mistake of taking in one of the new captives, whom he dubbed Zoe Sandoval. He made her become his secretary. He was clearly flirting with her a LOT, which his wife did not appreciate. It got to the point where Lance actually made unwanted sexual advances on Zoe, which forced his wife to leave him. He got drunk and, surprise surprise, took it out on Zoe. After this, Zoe phoned the police, but Lance shut off the line before she could actually reveal anything. Lance then tortured Zoe, using psychological methods he learnt from Dr. Phillips to brainwash her into actually seeing him as a saviour and the police as the enemy. After this, the police visited him after tracking a wallet of one of his guards, but he managed to hold his ground, and Amy got no evidence. During this time, Lance's business rival Faras Muller, had taken Zoe's two friends and brainwashed THEM into basically assassins, and sent them to kill Lance. However, they fail, and only succeed in killing a few guards and Zoe. Lance them kills them in rage, as he genuinely loved Zoe (Had an odd way of showing it). He is then called into court, as Amy and Jap have managed to get the photos of the drug deals from Janine. They also tried using Janine and Faras as witnesses to the human trafficking ring, but their statements are dismissed as Lance points out one is a disgruntled ex-wife and one is a business rival (Ok, a business rival that had been arrested by the police, but a rival none the less). He has his assets siezed due to the drug distrobution charged, but manages to keep all his black market money and assets, as they are not officially known by the state. Amy takes things into her own hands, killing him, and getting arrested in the process.