LV, or Light Velocity, is a term of measurement used by the Galactic State. When travelling at 1LV, you can travel one light year in an hour. This means it would take about 8 years to travel across the entire galaxy. It is used to measure the power of hyper drives.

Known distances Edit

  • Distance from core to Punarvaso prime: About 400,000 light-years
  • Diameter of galaxy: About 70,000 light-years

Technicalities Edit

LV works by projecting A.I Waves at incredibly high velocities into the vacuum of space. Now A.I waves have the capability to travel through just about anything, as such, effectively teleportation. The LV value is less how fast the ship can travel, its how fast the waves it produces can travel. These waves carry the molecular data of the ship, and recreate is wherever the co-ordinates specify, destroying the old one in the process, so it seems to those on board as they have just traveled through space. It should be noted that it always feels instant, as you are destroyed and recreated with the exact same memories when the wave is emitted, and so no time passes in your mind.