Helios 9 is a space station, built by M-Corp in Π Eg 425. It acts as the headquarters of the corporation, and houses about 100 million residents.

Structure Edit

Helios 9 Stations

Very early blueprint for Helios 9

Helios 9 consists of 3 concentric tori. Each are connected by a series of corridors, placed seemingly randomly about the structure. The largest of the rings has a diameter of approximately 60,000 kilometers. The station is designed to be placed into geo-synchronous orbit around a Class C planet (About the size of Earth). In terms of material, it is built out of a large majority of metals, and some synthetic minerals created by M-Corp. Within the station are several different departments: factories, living quarters, offices, reactors, farms, engines, armories, everything it needed to be fully self-sufficient. It was not heavily weaponized, merely shielding and some defensive turrets. It had several large, dedicated hyper-drives, and could travel at a speed of about 1 KLv. However it did have limitations. Due to the immense size of the station, it could not travel to a free-standing location, rather it had to be tethered to a planet, as not even the computers they had available could perform the necessary calculations with enough precision to avoid the station collapsing upon movement. As such, the station had tethering ports on its in inner most ring, which had to be linked with sister ports on the planet's surface. This allowed it to enter the planet's orbit, which also gave the centripetal force necessary for artificial gravity.

Creation Edit

Now, this was made by Mark, so no questioning the creation is a bit dodgy. In Π Eg 384 Madreio discovers an as of yet un-named planet. It was inhabited by primitive humanoid creatures, which did not have access to space travel or any sort of modern technology. However, they seemed intelligent and proficient in the arcane arts. Mark broadcasted to the whole planet an offer of a new life, new technology, without the need to hunt or gather food. This broke all sorts of laws set by the Galactic State, but Mark didn't really care. Nearly every inhabitant of the planet took him up on the offer, and so M-Corp and their new employees got to work on the planet, deconstructing it bit by bit, using magic to transfigure the material into new metals and minerals that were then formed by the massive work force, and helped by immense space ships, into the rings of Helios 9. Eventually, after 41 years of construction, the station was complete, and the planet it was made of no-longer existed, the inhabitants rehoused in the station, and brought into the society of the State. It's first orbit was around the planet of Lortelius-Prime, where M-Corps ground-based headquarters was situated.