E.E.R.L.A is an organisation founded in 7e 1464 by Sebastian D'Arque. It is a group of people with special abilities, who are devoted to protecting the best interests of the people of Arvine. A common trend among the members seems to be artificially extended lifespans. E.E.R.L.A stands for Eindothlond Eerlale el Rhaina Lonesta mal Arvine, or Eindithlond Justice and Defence Foundation For Arvine.   

Members Edit

  • Sebastian D'Arque, AKA The Technoforger, founder and leader
  • Tamurel Skavo, AKA Angulócë
  • Serana DeLasse, AKA Ernesta Morte
  • Johann Burle, AKA Beowulf, leader
  • Jenny Llamine, AKA Hydrolia
  • Harley Coulston/Jamie Marlsborough/May Coulston, AKA Input
  • Îa, AKA Blackheart
  • Filinion Marquelas, AKA Blacknight

Founding Edit

Sebastian D'Arque founded E.E.R.L.A after James Vasco was killed. He founded it mostly out of valid humanitarian reasons, but his ulterior motives have come into question.