Desdmona is a recurring character across the Arvine timeline. She has physical appearance of a 12 year old girl, however in reality she is infinitely old. She serves the purpose of all the Valenmar, to protect the boundaries between the different realms of the Alteria. At her creation, she was assigned Arvine and the realms that go with it, e.g. the Milas Cluster.

Incidences Edit

New Eden Edit

New Eden, the trans-chronic being which is essential to Arvine's overruling plot, is found by Dave, Jon, Revan and Mark trapped within a planet. Revan discovers carvings within the planet which describe that there is in fact some sort of entity trapped within it. Unknown to those present, one of the group that trapped New Eden within the planet was Desdemona. New Eden's time-travelling, cross-plane abilities made the Valenmar decide it was too powerful to be allowed free, despite the fact that New Eden is a fully sentient, conscious being.

Jonandorf Edit

In 3e 97, Jonandorf gains the ability to break the fourth wall. This rather upsets Desdemona. She travels to hell in an attempt to terminate him before he can cause any trouble. For the most part, she walks through with ease, brushing aside Hell's soul-based security. However when she meets Jonandorf, Mark steps in, and with his physical form, stops her and banishes her. Thus begins a long love-hate relationship between her and Jon.

The Elderfall Edit

When Erebus is summoned, he has the ability to break the fourth wall and the intent of overtaking the entire universe. As such, Desdemona steps in to stop him, and along with Jonandorf, uses her powers to trap him on the character's side of the fourth wall, allowing them to fight him and use the power of New Eden to send him into the past. However, in restraining such a powerful being, it uses up her life force and causes to her to fade from existence.

RedShark Edit

When she discovers that AvoTech and Vasco CoCoa are working together on the New Eden artifact, she makes contact with Lúamillë, who in turn sets the Oracle the task of disrupting this. The Oracle achieves this by ordering a hit on Vasco.