Danté Marié Renard is an elf with strong relations to the Dakesh Dynasty, and was good friends and Meer'lionic scouting partner with Avaké Dakesh before his premature death on a mission in the Menevress.

Early LifeEdit

Birth Edit

Danté was born to Elven parents Arya and Carlisle, escaped captives from slavers in mör, who seeked refuge in Meer'lin. Arya went into labour before they reached Meer'lin, and due to her lack of medical aid, she died giving birth to Danté. Carlisle, distraught by his wifes death, carried his newborn son into the city.

Childhood Edit

Danté lived a happy life with his father, until the age of 8, when Carlisle was tragically killed in a mugging. With nowhere to live, Danté approached the High Council of Meer'lin seeking aid. The Acting Lords son, Aváké Dakesh, took a liking to Danté, and convinced his father to take in Danté as a son. The two brothers became great friends, almost inseperable.

Adulthood Edit

Aged 21, Danté and Aváké enrolled to the Scouting Academy of Meer'lin, and became distinguished scouts, and some of the highest ranking officers, frequenting scouting trips together. For 5 years they travel to the farthest reaches, and harshest extremes of Arvine, in both search of undiscovered treasures and carrying out reconaissaince for Meer'lin.

The Tomhet Cave Incident Edit

Death of Aváké Dakesh Edit

Deal with the Angel of Death Edit