Dafyd Madreio Rickardson is the protagonist of Arvine. He is involved in virtually every event across Arvine's history. He is notable for his opposition to war and violence, and attempts (Largely futile) to solve everything via democracy. He died aged 8570 Arvine Annos and 1455 Space Years, making him approximately 10125.

History Edit

The 1st Age Edit

Dafyd was born in 1e 987, in the small Lifin village of Tatun. He had a relatively easy upbringing, and aged at quite a slow rate. He stayed under the age of 5, being brought up by his mother, father and sister (Who was older by 5 annos), until they moved to Tawood, the capital. Here he aged about 10 annos, within the first week. He was introduced to several new concepts from around Arvine. This was very different from his sheltered village upbringing. This led on to him gaining a slightly more adventurous outlook on life, and so in 1e 1009, at the age of 22 annos (He was physically a bit younger, about 18) he left the city he grew up in and went to the capital of Arvine, Albion. It was here he met Mark Madreio, who was visiting the city in his role as chief adviser to king Ian Isia. He was instantly interested by what he had to say. Dafyd approved of his messages of equality and greater support for the poor, despite having some problems with his ideas about controlling the populace. None the less, he managed to get a job working quite low down under Madreio as he was one of the high lords of Durbar. Madreio could tell there was something different about him, and he quickly rose up the ranks before becoming good friends and one of Madreio's closest advisers. It was 1e 1013 by the time he had gained this position. He held it for the remainder of the 1st age. He was involved in war breaking out between Madreio and Isia in 1e 1019, and was central in trying to keep the peace between sides and solve things diplomatically. (Fat lot of good he did, evidently.) During the war, he returned to Lifin for a few annos, and helped defend Tawood from attack from Altimniosh. While he did an OK job trying to settle down the High Elf adversaries, he lost his parents and sister in the war. This left him rather miffed. With nothing left for him back at his home, he helped in the final battle in Albion, and saw Madreio get slain by Isia. And thus, his story in the 1st age ended.

The 2nd Age Edit

After being slightly put off by Madreio's ascension to godhood, he decided to return to Tawood. By this point, he had aged quite a lot, to about 55ish. He took it upon himself to prevent anything like this happening again, ESPECIALLY to Lifin, and so joined the state of Lifin. Starting as a general secretary, he again went up the ranks, eventually becoming a low-level diplomat. It was at this point he decided to change. He didn't want to die out like everyone else, he was going to make sure he stayed around as long as he could keep his country safe. Using the food and resources that were provided to him by the state, he started investigation certain portions of Elven magic. After some practicing, he managed to perfect the Hatarunda charm (Due in no small part to a rare genetic mutation, but he wouldn't know that for a VERY long time). This allowed him to reverse his aging, and in a few more annos, he was back to around 40 years old. Across the age, he both built up his rank to the lead ambassador and diplomat of Lifin, as well as maintaining his age around this point. Other he things he does in this age including getting a magic horse, being a rubbish councilor, and helps Vivian Vasco take the throne.

The 3rd Age Edit

The 3rd age begins for Dafyd with trying to help Vivian retain her throne. With every usurption, there are some loyalists who do not entirely approve of the new leadership. Thus it becomes one of Dafyd's responsibilities to hold back revolutions. He also helped The Ilúvë Ingolë Otornassë travel to the Void, where they met Elmir. They discovered the End University which was working on a new project, which turned out to be Vlin Hellstrand. Vlin was sent to Arvine as a sort of deity ambassador for the Void. Dafyd helped him settle in Lifin. He then meets Avos Dakesh. He had heard of Dakesh before, as he was a lord of Meerlin, and a prosperous trading partner. But when he gained immortality, he came to Dafyd for counselling since he had worked with Vician. (Which was clearly a mistake, given what happened to him.) Later on in the age he ends up working with Sanya Falathiel. Sanya is a snow elf from Menevress, and ends up officially founding Creaheath after Dafyd helped bring her up while visiting the north. Finally, he is involved in the Don-Kan civil war, and helps bring it to an end.

The 4th Age Edit

The 4th Age is quite a busy one for Dafyd. He is involved in trying to control the new state of Môr, without much success, as it's military quickly become one of the largest in Arvine. Probably his biggest involvement is with the Wizard's guild. He helps them get established under their first leader, Jamile Marlinse, as a general school of the arcane arts. However, he fails to keep the Marlinse family in control when the Jheunier family usurp the Arch Wizard position. Despite making various political protests against them, they stay in power. He runs the organisation of Elven Peoples when they organise the assassination of Chloin Halfenburg, a dwarf who was very outspoken against the Elven countries. The assassination is successful, but greatly damages Dwarf-Elf relationships. He has an incident when him and Areande Cumero are visiting Albion, but king James Vasco is away in Barbilunor. His general, Lord Lawrence, accuses them both of espionage, and arrests them both. They are subjected to all sorts of humiliating and torturous treatments, and Lord Lawrence also executes the ambassador of Don-Kan at the time, Ashmir Arving. Eventually King Vasco returns and executes Lawrence. He releases Dafyd and Areande immediately. Later on, he gets Valandil Cumero (Areande's Father) to give Tamurel Cumero (Areande's Sister) to Revan Skavo, high lord of Frodinwhaith. This is partly because he knew Revan was looking for a child but didn't want a partner, and partly because he believed there was a curse on the Cumero family, and hopefully changing Tamurel's name to Skavo and breaking her ties would help in some way. The adoption went ahead, and after some problems he managed to get Tamurel settled in. He became very good friends with the Skavos, and frequently visited them. However he was then bought back to the Wizard's Guild. Ramar Jheunier, the current Arch Wizard, was constantly expanding his powers, setting up new establishments and developing more and more wizards loyal to him. This might have been honestly in persuit of education, but the mainland and particularly Don-Kan didn't see it like that, and Vasco set up the Arcane Inquisition, tasked officially with looking over any arcane arts practiced they may be of interest or danger to Arvine, but everyone knew they were just to combat the Wizard's Guild. After this cold-war like state, Ramar declared war upon the Don-Kan state and the 'Wizard Wars' broke out between the mainland and the outlying countries. He managed to well defend Lifin. However, he failed to prevent Ramar carrying out his main aim, kill James Vasco. At the battle of Albion Ramar and his army killed both James and Revan, before Ramar himself was killed by Tamurel. as Tamurel was legally the closest remaining relative of James Vasco, she became the queen of Don-Kan and high queen of Arvine. And thus began the 5th age.

The 5th Age Edit

For Dafyd, the 5th age begins remarkably similar to the 3rd. Trying to stop people killing a new queen. Given that Tamurel bade way to a whole new bloodline, and the first time any race but a human had been on the throne of Don-Kan, of course there were problems. But he very quickly finds out a new side to Tamurel, really quite ruthless, as she bans most magic practice in Arvine, apart from that directly approved by the state. This upsets lots of people, and against Dafyd's better conscience, he continues to fight them off for Tamurel. This then leads on to the Magician's Guild. Founded by Glorfindel, it is a secret organisation which practices all forms of magic, unlike the Wizard's Guild, which just practiced common magic. Many high-end officials join, including Dafyd. But Tamurel kept the Royal Arcane Inquisition running and they eventually found out about it. The leaders were executed by Tamurel, including Glorfindel, and nearly Dafyd but Areande intervenes and prevents it. They both spend the next few annos in prison, generally being tortured by Tamurel's men. They manage to escape by using Dafyd's old contacts in the state from when he helped it get re-established. Give it another anno or 2 and we see the return of Laure Morwen. In revenge for the Wizard Wars, she comes in and kills Tamurel. Dafyd investigated and discovers this. However, they can never trace her, as she appears to have disappered. Unknown to him, Laure had actually been killed herself by the Council, because she was getting too close to discovering it's existence. Now, later in the age, Dave is framed for the murder of Areande Cumero. This is done by the Council, who have infiltrated the Lifin government, and they see Areande and Dave as their two biggest threats. They know they can't kill Dave, so this deals with them both. They mess him up pretty badly, and so he ends up nearly thinking he actually did it. Instead of being arrested, the court decides to kick him out of Lifin. This leaves him homeless. And jobless. And generally in a bit of a bad way. He spends a while just wandering around the planet, picking up any jobs he can do. He attends several of Nilfson Stormcaller's lectures, and Nilfson takes him in and cares for him, which eventually inspires him to found RedBlock Limited. During this time, he had been investigating what had actually occured in Lifin, leading him to discovering the Council of Erebus. He begins a quest to hunt them down. The company initially just deals in small party tricks. That was all electricity could do at the time. But as electrical practices evolved, so did RedBlock, which quickly grew into a successful company. As other companies followed, RedBlock lead the industrial revolution into a new form of Arvine, where those with the biggest companies ruled. Late in the age, Dave discovers the existence of ADA, and they form a risky half-alliance against the Council. There is a small incident with one of these new companies trying to hold Albion to ransom, but that doesn't last long. The age ends when Vlin Hellstrand and The Oracle together discover a new plane of the Alteria, called Môlvôr. It is the first new discovery of a plane in Arvine's history, and is inhabited by several new species. Dafyd finds out, but the two demigods persuade him to keep it a secret, as to protect the safety of Arvine.

The 6th Age Edit

To start the 6th age, VlinTech is founded. Now this leaves Dafyd a bit miffed. See, after Môlvôr's discovery, Vlin used its technology combined with that of the Void to found VlinTech. That was after the two demigods got Dafyd to keep it a secret. You can see why he is a bit annoyed with both Vlin and The Oracle. Vlin is the official owner of the company, but The Oracle works with it. Dafyd could not see why demigods needed an income, but hey, I'm sure Dan will write in a reason at some point. After a small incident with dwarves and dragons, which he largely ignored, we arrive at the Eindothlond Civil War. Now, this civil war was an uprising of a small, millitant group originating in the country's civil service. The group currently in the power at the time were the Solans. The Solans were a communist group led by Marlik Clarx, a viscous dictator who ran Eindothlond very securely. The whole country was shut off from the rest of Arvine, but the iron borders were constantly being pushed outwards. This led to a revolution. Dafyd actively supported this revolution using money from RedBlock. The revolution eventually succeeded with international help. Later on in the age, AvoTech is founded! It could be argued that AvoTech was founded in direct opposition to RedBlock, given that at this point Dafyd has passed Avos Dakesh in terms of wealth. He actually helped Avos with setting up AvoTech, a move which later will come to bite him in the ass. Here he then develops RedBlock. It becomes The RedBlock Corporation, which it remains until its downfall. At this point he decides to change his name to keep up with the times. He changed it to David Madreio Richardson. To finish of the last couple of stories in this age, we have the resurrection. After the Council of Erebus resurrect The Necromancer's Circle, they all turn to Dave for help, as he is the only one they all new in life. After bumbling about not really sure what to do in this new world for a while, they find out about RedBlock. Dave sees them on the news, and quickly goes to check it out. He finds them and manages to persuade them to all come to a nearby safe house. There the circle explain the situation. Dave agrees to help them get set up, he gives them money, he gives jobs to those who want it, and fills them in on anything they may have missed. Tamurel and Revan end up working for RedBlock. However, the king, Kaan Skavo of Don-Kan, order's the assassination of the circle and Dave via ADA, because he sees them as a threat. ADA continually try to kill the group but continually fail. Dave reveals to the circle his opinion on the monarchy in Don-Kan, how it is a broken and pointless system that is damaging Arvine. Together they form a plan to kidnap the king, ransom him to Arvine for the abolishment of the monarchy, and get them off the hit list. They succeed. And thus begins the 7th age.

The 7th Age Edit

The 7th age is certainly a busy one for Dave. It starts with him trying to control the Necromancer's Circle. They all go their separate ways, lots of them with grants from RedBlock. All but Revan and Tamurel, who stayed on to work at RedBlock. He basically becomes the mother figure of the Circle. He makes a slightly creepy data set basically spying on every member, keeping track of their positions. Most of them manage to escape his view pretty quickly. At 7e 22, during the story Contacting Hell, Dave helps Mark Madreio make contact with his assistant, Nash, in hell. He then reluctantly helps Mark find the hell portal at the time, and smuggles through his wife, Wuthunol. A few annos later he helps Jon establish JJ&J productions. Although he does back out when JJ&J becomes more and more powerful through their underworld contacts, forming ties to Ramar, Laure, Azarea, the whole hog. When Mark founds M-Corp, Dave gives him some business advise. But he soon learns it is entirely unnecessary. Mark's power and wealth rises and rises via legal and very illegal means until M-Corp overtakes RedBlock in terms of worth. During the Episode Geneaology, Dave meets Kaelyn Shardfast after he organizes her kidnap. This results in the death of her brother and accidentely freezing Kaelyn's aging system. 5 annos later Kaelyn calls back saying she has been arrested. After Dave and Revan break her out, Dave is forced to go AWOL after William Wren takes over the company. They enlist the help of Harg, Azarea and Jonandorf to overthrow Wren. Dave supports the legal battle of the Facade Development Company, when they try to revoke Tamurel's anti-magic law. Throughout the age M-Corp and JJ&J keep growing and growing, until they end up coming head to head. Security forces from RedBlock and M-Corp clash in an accidentel assignment. This further enforced the rivalry between the two of them. In 7e 742, Mark arranges for Dave to visit him in a reconciliation attempt. However, when Dave is there, Mark's wife suffers a heart attack (Probably purposely orchestrated) and so Mark kills Dave, placing Wuthunol's soul in his body. Dave then ends up being placed in the prison quarter of hell by Nash, where he manages to convince Lúamillë to set him free. Using his innate Arcane abilities, he breaks put of hell, where Lúamillë opens the portal to allow him to travel to someone else's body,who has died but the body is still functional. He ends up in a human female body, located in a morgue about a week in the past. He lives on the streets for a week before finding his way back to RedBlock Albion HQ. He convinces the receptionist to let him into the office where he meets up with Revan and Kaelyn, before they go off to get his body back,killing Wuthunol in the process. Dave decides he wants to keep the body, so he heads into hell and asks permission of the body owner. She says sure as long as he solves her murder. The team work together and discover that she was murdered for her involvement with Avotech, wherein she was murdered by the New Eden Foundation. When James Vasco founded VascoCoCoa, Dave, along with Mark and Jon, started investigating where he was getting the money from. This then leads on to them teaming up to hunt the Council. A few annos later, Laure Morwen assassinated Vasco, as the RedShark plot begins to unfurl. The age ends with Mark, Jon and Dave fighting the Council, but end up becoming Twisty, Graves and Okeanos respectively.

The Eighth Age Edit

The Eighth Age begins with Dave, Mark and Jon establishing what they want to do with the Council. They agree to act as a sort of unofficial peace keeping force, while furthering their own agenda. They undergo a number of operations, including handling the newly-formed New Eden foundation. It is then that E.E.R.L.A is founded by Sebastian D'Arque. The Council try to indirectly combat E.E.R.L.A to stop is becoming too powerful. This really starts to grow in 8e 15, the constant one-upping and trying to counter each other's moves causes them to start acting semi-aggressive to each other. This isn't helped by ADA joining the fray and trying to take down the Council, whilst at the same time interfering in any of E.E.R.L.A's activities in Don-Kan. Around 8e 48, he, along with Jon, helps Mark become president, through a series of expertly crafted RedBlock statements that helped Mark win without anyone in RedBlock knowing it. However, Mark winning did not give him access to ADA as they had gone independent from the state in the previous age, and he was still denied access. This is among the death of Sebastian D'Arque in the E.E.R.L.A civil war. These rivalries come to a head in 8e 109. Dave along with the other two have hitched a plan to deal with New Eden hostage takers in the Don-Kan Union Bank. However, during the operation, the terrorists are alerted by E.E.R.L.A, and ADA snipers accidentally shoot an E.E.R.L.A member in the following chaos. When the two parties are just about to go off on each other, the Council step in and make themselves known. This does the opposite of help. It results in a bit of a fight between them all, and this starts a war between the three factions. This war lasts until 8e 109, where the three parties organise a meeting between their best diplomats. Unfortunately, their best diplomats happen to be Dave, Revan and Tamurel. This results in a somewhat awkward confrontation up in Eindothlond, but overall it resolves itself pretty well. In 8e 317 Dave is captured by slavers, along with Tamurel. It turns out the slavers are being controlled by Ernesta De'Morte, who then takes them back to Ramar. However, the other slavers disagree and auction them off, giving Revan and Vician time to rescue Dave and Tamurel. Throughout the rest of the age the three friends gradually start to trust each other again, Dave fixes his relationship with Kaelyn, and life somewhat begins to return to normality. However, across the age, there have been a number of robberies committed by AvoTech on ADA, E.E.R.L.A, M-Corp JJ&J and RedBlock. By comparing what was stolen from each group, they all agree that Avos is planning on running a nuclear program. They go to AvoTech HQ on Isla Akintosh and disable the weaponry. However, in 8e 1008, this is proved largely futile. Twas all a ruse. Avos had actually been breaking into every major corporation to install the RedShark virus into their computer systems, which when activated essentially halted every company, and started to leak ADA and E.E.R.L.A's information to the world. However, Tamurel happened to be in the S.C.D at the time. Revan was doing some experiments with her soul as the virus hit which resulted in her permanently having wings. Anyway, in an attempt to combat the virus, Kaelyn goes into AvoTech HQ (She was the nearest at the time, and with the virus, teleporters were a no-go) in an attempt to steal the virus source code to combat it. She succeeds, but she has to physically get it back due to RedShark disrupting any transmissions. There is an issue. Avos follows her, and shoots her car on the way back, killing her. This results in Dave having a bit of a breakown, destroying his desk and teleporting himself to the top of a Barbilunor mountain. Mark follows him and persuades him to return to the base wherein he remains largely silent. With the loss of an easy solution, the group are forced to move their data off the infected servers. It would take too long to establish four new networks, so they move everything onto one large server, encompassing the data of RedBlock, M-Corp, JJ&J and ADA. But the damage had already been done. Millions of G lost, ADA and the Council public to the people of Arvine, identities of E.E.R.L.A operatives revealed. This unity causes the three companies to form one incredibly powerful organisations: The Shardfast Collective. And it is this unity which brings forth the 9th age.

The Ninth Age Edit

The Shardfast Collective is well and truly established. They publicly acknowledge the existence of the Council, and inform the world of their history. They also make a speech where Lady G acknowledges ADA's existence, before she disappears. In 9e 11, Dave decides that its finally time for them all to basically take over the world. They do. With a speech. They have a few uprisings, but nothing they can't deal with. During this time Dave becomes convinced that there's a traitor in their midst. This is due to the fact that Dave doesn't believe Kaelyn could have died without someone tampering with the car. He suspects everyone: Vlin, Azarea, The Oracle, every member of the collective. In 9e 20, Dave tries to combat a rising alliance of Avos, Ramar and Laure in their attempt to end the dominion of the world. They don't do a great job, but given the current relationship standing of the collective, they don't really need to. Speaking of dodgy relationships, it's time for a breakup! In 9e 158 everyones favorite GayTP, Vician and Revan, split apart. This results in Vician leaving the Shardfast Collective. In response, the Eindothlond millitary take over. Dave decides the war to overthrow them isn't worth it. Thus, the Eindothlond Stratocratic State happens! They stay around for a bit. This leads us to 9e 295, wherein the Council try to establish a global surveillance network. They try and achieve this using an Elder charm. This goes very wrong, threatening the very livelihood of the planet. Revan tries to stop this by absorbing the spell into himself. This leaves him with serious face deformations. The rebels really have an effect in 9e 461, when Laure Morwen kills Sanya Falathiel. The Shardfast Collective decide not to re-position someone to control Menevress, as the population of Creaheath was dwindling anyway. In 9e 747, the current Dragon Lord decides she doesn't like the collective, and so takes it upon herself to take them down. Usually, this wouldn't have been an issue, however the dragons join her. Dave takes the dragons up to Menevress, where they have built a super weapon using the same magic as they had in the unsuccessful surveillance system. In the process, Menevress is destroyed and one of the dragons die. The other dragons decide it is time for them to leave the planet, and they do, causing Dovah Mund to crumble. The Shardfast Collective continues to be a mess, up until Dave works out what has happened. By looking at hundreds of events, comparing who was where and what tactics were used, he works out Scarlet had been playing them, for a VERY long time. On his way to deal with her, she gets to him first, knocking him out and placing him in Vasco Cocoa's old Albion factory. They have an arguments about maintaining balance and all that jazz. Following this, she leaves and gets killed by Mark. Mark then rescues Dave, and discusses what has happened. The anno is 9e 984, and The Dauðadagr War has begun. During this, Dave ends up fighting Valisilwen, and also Ramar, resulting in Ramar's death and the destruction of RedBlock HQ. Dave tries to call and end to the war after the deaths of Vician and Vlin, persuading every country to surrender and call for peace. All but Don-Kan. All the circle and most of the gods head to Don-Kan and fight off Tar-Culu-Heru and Don-Kan's army, who eventually see sense and surrender. However, it turns out Don-Kan was being run by the remnants of ADA, whom Lady G had somehow made immortal. She had also got her hands on the faulty surveillance charm. In an upcoming fight between her and Tar-Culu-Heru, the charm gets let loose, destroying most of Arvine's civilization and killing millions. This brings the Dauðadagr War, and the ninth age, to an end. 

The Tenth Age Edit

Of course, the tenth age begins with Dave trying to adjust to this newly destroyed world they have made. Their immense wealth means nothing now, it's back to roots of post-apocalyptic survival. This is not helped by the fact that every member blames each other, the council is at its weakest point ever, the gods are basically crippled, and now bandits have begun to return to the planet. The magic released has caused all sorts of mutants and dangerous creatures. Dave spends the first half of the age looking for ways off the planet after he, Jon and Mark decide that is the best course of action. They eventually manage to find an old S.C.D in 10e 254, however, they had sworn to Tamurel that they would never use one again after what it did to her. They tried to anyway. In Tamurel's annoyance, she stole the S.C.D and destroyed, causing Jon to crush her neck in anger. This... caused problems. Dave and Mark then tried very hard to stop Revan trying to kill Jon, and basically separating them at every possible opportunity. Dave comes across a portal to the Null in 295, which clashes with the Elder magic infecting the planet, causing large arcane influxes, which causes breaks in the Alteria and into the Null appear all over the planet. This results in Miguel Jhenuier coming through to Arvine, and he takes it upon himself to avenge his brother's death. He successfully kills Lor Metal-Bones, but then escapes when the other circle members try to kill him. He returns when Mark and Dave summon everyone to one location in 10e 437, trying to get them all in one swift strike. Big mistake. The circle easily manages to eliminate him. In 10e 476, bandits attack Dave and the others and kidnap him. He is taken back to Madreio's old temple, where Jon and Mark teleport and meet up with Avos to rescue Dave. They succeed, but Avos decides to remain and blow up the temple to destroy the bandits. This works, however, there is a rift straight into the Alteria underneath the temple, caused by the Elder magic and all the arcane arts performed there over the ages. Avos is sucked into this rift. This causes the gods to gather everyone. It turns out Dave's grandfather, Minyadan Nolitari, was both a member of the Anguloce Scholars and the first Okeanos. He crafted the ring Dave always wears in an attempt to trap the essences of his soul, to give the right formula of AA and AB particles to summon Erebus. They successfully perform the summoning. However, Erebus decides that Arvine is now unnecessary, and so a fight occurs between Erebus and every character. They succeed, but only by using the New Eden artefact to send back in time to Arvine's creation, along with the planet and all the gods. Some of the characters manage to escape, but not before the deaths of Desdemona and The Oracle. This event is known as The Elderfall, and brings an end to all the ages in Arvine.

Galactic Age Omicron Edit

After they escape the planet in a cobbled together spaceship, they end up quickly running out of fuel. It is then they are picked up by scouts from The Interstellar Galactic Dynasty, who were investigating the area after their instruments picked up the planet's destruction. They are bought to Causatillia, the central planet of the Dynasty. There they are introduced to Emperor Malochbinsalimnalicask, who welcomes them with open arms. It turns out that Arvonians' ability to control A.I waves is very rare in the universe. As such, the planet had already gained the interest of authorities, without the knowledge of its inhabitants. Here they meet Wardric Exvarian, an intergalactic business agent. He has been hanging around the capital planet trying to get business, and he hoped Dave could be his lucky break. He offered to teach them about the language and practices in space. Dave accepts this aid and spends a few years gradually adapting into this new world. Wardric manages to get him a job in the intergalactic company Lightforce Limited, a company who make hyperdrives. He stays here for many years, gradually adjusting to life beyond the stars. This continues up until Ο Eg 557 where the emperor kills himself from the pressure of leadership.

Galactic Age Pi Edit

Dave retains his job in Lightforce for the first half of the age. He continues building up contacts until he quits his job with the money he has acquired. The Council are getting pretty well with Revan, but ties to the other two are running thin. So much so that in Π Eg 274, Laure tries to kill Mark. It doesn't exactly go her way. Mark fights back, ending up killing her in a small space bar somewhere. This causes Azarea to become somewhat annoyed (Unfairly, Mark argued) and she isolated herself from the others. This, in turn, triggers the others to decide to properly establish themselves in space. Using his newfound fortune, Dave re-founds RedBlock, but this time, it's in space. Wardric helps Dave set everything up, gaining resources, employees, etc. Now RedBlock doesn't just make normal computers, but quantum computers, targeting computers, hyperdrives, all sorts of ridiculous equipment. He encounters some issues with Jon's rival gangs taking it out on him and such like, but he managed to get them under control. The age ends with the emperor Li-Xiauo getting assassinated.

Galactic Age Rho Edit

Emperor Li-Xiauo is replaced by the ruthless Maunicalius. However, he didn't have much control over the universe. As such, he decides to arrest Azarea to exert his new power and show he isn't to be messed with. Despite the prominent protests of Wardric Exvarian, Azarea is slowly tortured to death across the space of 12 years. This causes all the circle to start a campaign against The Interstellar Galactic Dynasty. Revan starts by joining the state as an administrator, slowly but surely infiltrating the ranks. He meets ZT-598-0X, a cyborg who's life has been artificially preserved by the state, through a mix of rather painful surgeries. They did this because ZT had been essential to Li-Xiauo's reigime, with vital data stored within her. Due to these surgeries, ZT wasn't overly fond of her employers. ZT meets up with Wardric and the circle, and they hatch a plan to kill Maunicalius. Dave removes ZT's restrictive protocols. This allows them to access the security data stored within her. They all agree they need to use magic to bypass the technological security of the emperor. However, they have no ingredients. They use a mix of any remaining elder magic they have within them and the New Eden artefact to try and locate a planet similar to Arvine. They sort of do. Arriving at a planet, they locate all the ingredients they need. However, Revan locates an old mural, showing that the planet is actually a facade, with a powerful being trapped within it. They all manage to escape as the fake planet crumbles around them, but they lose the New Eden artefact in the process. The actual assassination takes place in Ρ Eg 441, where they succeed in killing Maunicalius. However, ZT-598-0X decides that the biggest threat to her new dominion is the remaining circle members. She doesn't realize how powerful the other 3 are, and so executed Revan, exiling the other to the outer rim.

Galactic Age Sigma Edit

Dave gives temporary control of RedBlock to Wardric Exvarian. He becomes isolated with Mark, while Jon runs off to a planet outside of the galaxy Punarvaso Prime. Mark and Dave slowly descend into insanity, which isnt helped when they finally locate Jonandorf and find him dead. Mark becomes obsessed with Elder magic, devoted to removing the curse placed on the entire circle. Mark works out what spell he needs, but it required a massive power source. As in a supernova. As such, he persuades Dave to fly him out to the nearest supernova without telling him what is happening. He then gets into an escape pod and ejects himself into the exploding star, killing himself. Dave is now the last remaining living being from Arvine. This happens in Σ Eg 88. He plunges into alcoholic depression until he gets a call from Dr. Llimna, head of public affairs on the research planet Melisa-beta. The planet had been declared war upon by the neighboring planet Filmoualas. Inititially, Dave wants nothing to do with the whole affair, until Dr. Llimna mentions that they are being attacked for their research on the New Eden Consciousness. This piques Dave's interest. He heads to Melisa-beta, where he discovers the research teams are also AI-Wave competent and are using their arcane abilities to restrain New Eden. They tell Dave that New Eden is a time-travelling being, and immensely powerful, trapped in a planet millions of years ago by the Valenmar, and has escaped for 'some unknown reason'. The station they are in is then hit, and in the confusion, Dave goes to visit Filmoualas. They say that the research on New Eden is morally wrong and endangering everyone in the universe. He manages to get them to come to an agreement that research and war would cease if they could find a way to get New Eden under control. However, the consciousness' appetite for time was growing, and wouldn't be held for long. As such, Dave realised that if this thing was fully sentient, why not just communicate? The trouble was how. So he did what any sensible semi-immortal elf would do. He entered the containment facility and walked straight into New Eden. What happened next is unclear, but basically, New Eden latched itself onto Dave's timestream. This caused him to see all of his past flashing before him, and giving him a strong link to the consciousness. It was able to attach himself to the object with the most history present at the start of Dave's life. This happened to be an old star map engraved onto a tablet, which then became the New Eden artefact. Dave learned that bringing the artefact to its prison is what allowed the New Eden Consciousness. However, this exposure to his own time stream, and that of New Eden's, left a very deep psychological scar. Hence, we next see Dave a few months later, in Σ Eg 95. He is in a psychological ward on Melisa-beta. In his room, he has created a snapshot in time of his birth, constantly looping the same point for eternity. Wardric Exvarian visits the ward, where one of the Melisa-beta staff tell him that Dave put himself there just after he entered New Eden and hasn't spoken since. He has just been sat there crafting the arcane diorama. Wardric is granted entry, and he tells Dave that he has been summoned by the High Council of the Valenmar. Dave gives him a bit of a lecture about time, before refusing to attend the Valenmar meeting and leaving the building. He then goes around taking all sorts of drugs and alcohol, using his new found New Eden to create projections of his own past in an attempt to write his memoirs. He does this for a few more months, until Wardric contacts him again, imploring him to go see the Valenmar. Although he does initially refuse, a couple of days later, Malinta, a Valenmar, comes to take him. He does finally go and obey his summons, where the Valenmar charged him with letting the dangerous being of New Eden loose. Here is a lovely script form version of what followed:

Drandor Skaheik: David Madreio Richardson, you are here today charged with the release of dangerous beings onto the Alteria. For this, the Valenmar high council have decreed you are to experience 1,000 years imprisonment. Should you survive your sentence, you will be released with no extra charges. You may not plead against this decision. 

Dave: Couldn't you just have, y'know, sent a message? This feels unnecessary. 

Drandor: For such a verdict, we felt it necessary to address you in person.  

Dave: I'm touched. 

Drandor: Do not try to humour your way out of this like you always seem to. Your tricks will not work on us. 

Dave: Oh, drat. I sort of hoped you would tell me they would work and the job would be done. 

Drandor: Enough! You shall be transported from this place to your location of incarceration. 

Dave: Why? 

Drandor: What? 

Dave: Why am I being arrested? 

Drandor: You've endangered the very fabric of the Alteria, risked the destruction of all realities. 

Dave: According to who? 

Drandor: According to the fact that your timestream has been possessed by the New Eden Consciousness! 

Dave: What has NEC... can I call it NEC? Since when did NEC actually do anything wrong? 

Drandor: New Eden created a critical risk to the structure of the Alteria. Every time it traveled between planes the connections could have gotten weaker, and now it's out again who knows how much damage is could do. 

Dave: So you arrested a fully conscious being for just trying to get by on a suspicion that damage will be caused? 

Drandor: You had your own timestream used as food for this being! Do you have any idea what damage this could've caused?  Dave: I didn't notice. New Eden barely bothered me at all, only gave rise to a few psychopaths who caused a bit of trouble. But that wasn't NEC's fault. Just sentient nature when they find something they don't understand. 

Malinta: But it's not just in your realm. The New Eden Foundation has showed up under my jurastriction as well. 

Dave: People kill in the name of anything! It’s the fault of every individual who commits such an act, not the being whos name was commandeered without reason. 

Drandor: The fate of one entity is nothing against the fate of all realities. 

Dave: Yet you have summoned a council merely to arrest me, one individual. Clearly, an individual is of importance. 

Drandor: You are nothing compared to all the universes combined! 

Dave: I'm nothing? I'm nothing? We are all something, all with a history and memories that define an individual. We are all essential to the very essence of reality. 

Drandor: But in the greater context, who are you? What does an individual bring above a negligble existence?  Dave: This is me! *He thrusts his hand down, and around the room he produces a projection of his memories and his history, some vivid some vague, some clear some abstract, like an interpreative dance with magic rather than people. Lots of murmurs around the room.* Every person I've met, deal I've made, every war I've fought is who I am! Ask yourselves who you've trapped in your planet prisons before. I've been the host of the New Eden Consciousness, I've had my soul mixed with a being who creates gods, I've seen the death of planets and defied everything that's been thrown at me. I am the last being from my planet, outliving everyone! And you think you can just lock me away? As if there's not going to be any consequences? Look into yourselves and find some decency. *He pauses and looks at shocked faces.* Do many of you lot die? *Looks of surprise*  Drandor: Deaths are minimal, but they do occur. 

Dave: Very well. When one of the Valenmar dies, are there tears? *Looks of surprise again from the audience.* Do people mourn? *The audience make various noises, all sounding somewhat negative.* No? I thought not. I have seen everybody I have ever known die. And for every one of those it ate at my very soul. Your affect on people and how much people affect you defines your life. You see this? *He gestures towards a part of the projection showing Desdemona's death.* How many of you have heard of Desdemona? *A few of the High Council, not including Drandor, nod.* She had friends. I was her friend. When she died, a very close friend of mine broke down in tears, something which he has only ever done for 1 other person. She affected people, because she grew attention and a sense of individuality. You are all so committed to your cause that none of you ever stop to ask yourselves about your own lives. You are no different to New Eden, and just as New Eden deserves its freedom, so do you. From your own rigid beaurocracy that plagues your entire race. *The crowd are getting rowdy.* Don't just act as wardens forever! With this you aren't significant. Go out there, ignore the high council, and make yourselves a life! *Among the chattering and protests of the Valenmar, Dave leaves the room.*

So yea. That happens. After he leaves, he resigns from RedBlock and gives the CEO position to Wardric. He then continues to write up his memoirs, taking more and more drugs. Eventually he finishes writing most of his history and collecting the records of other people. The day he finishes, he dies that night. A post-mortem concludes it was organ failure, caused by the amount of drugs he was taking. And that is the end of the tale of Dafyd Nefalas Nolitari.