Count Richardson is the brother of Emily Richardson, and the uncle of David Richardson and Mark Madreio. He is the Legends equivalent of Jonandorf. It could be argued that he is in fact the main antagonist, as it is due to him that Mark's crusade begins.

History Edit

Jon was born in London. When he was young, he became interested in chemistry, however, the slightly unconventional chemistry as alchemy. There was one major problem: this was 40s. No-one believed in that kind of stuff anymore. So he took a bunch of money from his rather wealthy parents and ran away to Germany at the age of 22, after graduating from Warwick University. There, he joined the courts, and gradually moved up through the ranks until becoming a count in the north of the country. A few years later, his sister, along with his brother in law, Richard Madreio, were visiting Germany, unaware they were on Jon's land, when an earthquake hit. They were forced to evacuate, without their son, Mark, who was found by Jon. Jon, at this point, was a tad mad, and was livid at his family to disassociating him for his dabbling in alchemy. As such, he takes Mark, and manipulates him, convincing him that his parents actively abandoned him, for 18 years, until Mark snapped. Mark goes to find his parents, and murders them, unaware that there was another child in the room, some 10 years his junior. He then goes on to found M-Corp, and basically leaves Jon forever.

However, cut to about 13ish years later, and Jon actually succeeds in his alchemy! Slight issue, this is impossible in this universe. Using his techniques, you should not have been able to change the molecular structure of elements to change them in their entirety. This creates large rifts in the Alteria, giving alternate versions of himself the ability to break the fourth wall, and see where their own reality is fiction. However, this gains the attention of 2 individuals: Desdemona, and Malinta. Desdemona goes to this reality's Dave Richards, and asks for help. Malinta disagrees, but Desdemona aint havin' non of it, and so sends Dave off to deal with Jon while she deals with Malinta. Dave visits, and finds out about his uncle, but refuses to kill him. Jon acts suspicious, prompting Dave and the others to investigate, eventually finding out about his involvement with Mark. Unfortunately, Mark finds out at the same time. So when Dave goes to confront Jon, he finds him dead by Mark's hand.