Bobbard Lambert is a wood elf born in 7e 83. He is seen in the 7e episode, AWOL, staying in an inn in Beachtree.

History Edit

Bobbard Lambert was born in Tawood, 7e 83. His parents were nothing special, just a standard wood elf couple. He didn't do very well at school, and was constantely told he lacked a logical mind. But when it came to his higher education, his thesis on the Vasco dynasty got him an entrance with honours to Tawood university. He continued his historical research after becoming a professor at the university. This was after he graduated in 7e 106. He wrote a few papers, some of which became well known such as his paper on Elven Evolution and one on Elrohir Nolitari. In 152 he retired, and went to live in the small town of Beachtree. There he lived the rest of his days until his death in 7e 185.